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Your cost for ingredients may be as little as $1

(depending on which remedy you choose to try)

This site was written so that anybody will be able to find an inexpensive way to get rid of Toenail Fungus. That way, you won't have to pay hundreds of dollars to doctors or the pharmaceutical companies for a service that should only cost a few cents.

I got the idea for this site when I was trying to get rid of my own toenail fungus.

I first bought a product from the store that I saw advertised in the paper, called "Funginail." It was worthless. My doctor told me that there was no cure for Toenail Fungus except one expensive prescription medicine that EVEN HE WOULDN'T USE on his own toenail fungus, because of the danger of liver damage.

I then went to a Chinese herbal doctor and he gave me some stuff to put on my "ugly toenail" (that's what my kids always called it). It didn't work.

Finally, I tried to invent my own remedies, with no luck.

So I began searching the internet and talking to people and discovered several remedies that anyone can afford. Some remedies cost less than one dollar! Yet there was no comprehensive list of known Nail Fungus remedies on the internet.

To avoid any legal trouble, let me first offer the following disclaimer:

I do not represent any of these "remedies" described herein to diagnose or cure Toenail Fungus, and I recommend that you seek professional medical advice before attempting any cure.

Now that this website has been in operation for several months, I have become convinced that this information is sorely needed. The following email that I recently received is one of many that validate the need for this website:

"A dermatologist charged $192 for the initial visit, plus the cost of a
blood test needed to see if my liver could tolerate the Lamisil he
prescribed for 3 months, which he said may make things "taste funny"
and turn my vision to a greenish cast.

The Lamisil tablets were $300 for a months supply.

I decided there had to be a better way, so went to a chat
group and was told to try oil of oregano, available at any
health food store for around $7.00 a bottle. I apply it twice
a day under and around the nail bed. It is a little harsh on
the skin, but after 2 weeks I had noticeable improvement,
and now a month later, the nail is looking healthy again.
I also take one tablet a day internally, as this is supposed to
kill off any infections. I have not had a cold all winter......"

Now, let me list and briefly describe several Toenail Fungus remedies. If you know of any Toenail Fungus remedies that I haven't listed, please email me (George@SpeedReading4Kids.com) and tell it to me. I'll be happy to add to this list of remedies.

Also, if anyone wishes to send me their testimonial of what works (and what doesn't), I'll be happy to post some or all of them.

And finally, before we get to the remedies, please feel free to click on one of the links at the top or bottom of the page, to view our sponsor. If it weren't for the willingness of Speed Reading 4 Kids to put a portion of their proceeds into maintaining and advertising this FREE INFORMATION site, we wouldn't be able to tell you about these important remedies (and save you lots of money).

Also, children who have "reading disabilities" such as A.D.D, Dyslexia and ADHD usually become superior speed readers (see the Dyslexia, ADD page for more information on this).

And now.....The Remedies

Remedy #1

Distilled Vinegar

This is the cheapest remedy I know of for Toenail Fungus. At 47 cents for a small bottle of Wal-Mart brand distilled vinegar, you can't go wrong to try this one if you are on a tight budget.

Vinegar is 5% acetic acid. It prevents fungus from growing. Just take a Q-tip and spread it around your toenail, making sure you work it into the cuticle and underneath the toenail. I would re-spread vinegar over the toenail every minute or two for several minutes just to give it time to soak through the nail and into the live part of the toenail.

According to one expert who teaches this remedy to everyone he knows, you must spread vinegar on your toenail each day for as long as it takes for the infected toenail to completely grow out and be clipped away. If you miss a day, you run the risk of allowing some of the fungus to "hide" in a portion of the newly grown portion of the toenail, and you may have to start all over again.

For more detailed information, see the following web page:


Read a bunch of Vinegar Testimonials HERE.

Remedy #2

Vicks Vaporub

After I'd had this site up for a few months, it became obvious that a major Toenail Fungus Remedy that is just beginning to get known is Vicks Vaporub. I've had more testimonials sent to me about this than any other remedy yet

All you do is put some Vicks Vaporub on your toenail each day, making sure to get the whole mail, including the base where the living part is. After a few weeks or months, it grows out clean and thin. You can get 6 oz. For $8.99 (plus S+H) from www.drugstore.com or you can get a 1.76 Oz bottle for about $2.75 at Wal-Mart.

One drawback: Vicks Vaporub turns your nail dark. But who's going to notice with your foot in a shoe. And after a while, the dark part will grow out and get clipped away anyway. So who cares?

Look at Vick's Testimonials HERE

Remedy #3

Oil of Oregano

As mentioned in the testimonial above, this one can be had at any health food store for about $7.00 per bottle. Put it on the infected toenail twice per day and watch your toenail get better as it grows out. Clip the infected part away as it grows out.

Drawback: It is reported to be a little harsh on your skin. But on the other hand, one popular toenail fungus medication is reported to be a little harsh on your Liver. Take your choice.

This remedy also has other healthful benefits according to many knowledgeable people.


Remedy #4

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a product of a species of tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) that grows in Australia. This oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties. By spreading it on the infected toenail, especially over the new growing part, near the cuticle, the fungus can be eliminated in a few months just like it is in Remedy #1 above.

At nearly $20 per 2 oz. Bottle, this is not really cheap, but there are many sellers on the internet. Shop around to find the best price. Here is one: www.teatreeplace.com.

Read Tea Tree Testimonials HERE

Remedy #5

Pau d'arco and Goldenseal

The use of both of these mixed together is mentioned on one website, and seems to be used just like Remedy #4 above. But since each of these alone is almost as expensive as Tea Tree Oil alone is, be prepared to pay twice as much to do away with your Toenail Fungus.


Remedy #6

Colloidal Silver

If you make this yourself with some silver wire and a 9-volt battery (for instructions, see http://www.keelynet.com/biology/colloid.htm ), it only costs a few cents per gallon. Health food stores and the like will often charge $12 or more for a 4-ounce bottle.

Take my advice, make your own.

Colloidal Silver is known to kill off many diseases and infections and is known to be anti-fungus. Even if you don't choose to use it for your Toenail Fungus, I recommend having some around the house (better yet, have your own Colloidal Silver Generator around the house). Check out these links:



From what I have heard, some people recommend taking one tablespoon of Colloidal Silver each day, while others recommend putting the Colloidal Silver on topically as in Remedies #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5. I have heard this recommended by several experts and have seen some testimonials.

Here is a website which has a good amount of scientific information relating to Colloidal Silver and other products which are mistaken to be Colloidal Silver, along with any associated risks:


Remedy #7

Solution of Clorox with Water

This particular remedy occurred to me when I was considering how to rid myself of toenail fungus, but I chickened out. I know that Chlorine Bleach kills fungus, but Bleach is a harsh chemical.

Sure it can be used to purify drinking water, but you have to dilute it on the order of 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water. Would this be a good enough concentration to kill Toenail Fungus?

I doubt it.

I have had some feedback indicating that Bleach CAN cure toenail fungus, but nobody has told me what concentration to use safely. I wouldn't recommend using concentrated Bleach because of the health risks. But if someone out there has any reliable information on how much to dilute Chlorine Bleach in order to (SAFELY) kill Toenail Fungus, please let me know.

CLICK HERE for Bleach Testimonials

Remedy #8

Urine (I'm not joking)

Obviously, I'm not going to give this one my personal endorsement. But, hey, this is supposed to be a comprehensive list of home remedies for Toenail Fungus, right?

Urine has anti fungal properties, and I have received SEVERAL testimonials about this one. Here is part of one testimonial:

"Many years ago my mother got what I assume to have been fungus
under several of her finger nails. The nails were brown and crinkly
and thin in places. (She was a semi-professional gardener and I
assume that to have been the source of the infection). She cured it
in all but one of the nails with application over several months of her
own urine - cost-free."

With so many other remedies to choose from, you probably won't be tempted with this one, but you never know. If you should someday find yourself inside a Gulag-type prison camp with absolutely no other options, this one may save the day for you.

Other Possible Remedies
(have any of you tried these with success?)

Lysol Concentrate

This one sounds scary to me, and I don't recommend it, but has anyone else out there tried this? Did it have any side effects (like harshness to the skin, brain damage, etc.)? All I know about this one is what I received in the following message:

Visited your website and would like to add that I am using Lysol Concentrate (brown bottle, not blue) with some success. The toenail grows slowly and anyone must expect a 2-3 month time frame for infected growth to disappear. I expect that Lysol is also a disinfectant attacking fungus. I had tried Vicks Vaporub under the nails but found that it had turned yellow nails black. The thickening disappeared but the color was atrocious. Thanks for the help. I will supplement with peroxide.

and your child, CLICK HERE

Anti-Candida Diet

This one has been claimed by a Clinical Herbalist/Massage Therapist who noticed that many people with Candida infections also had toenail fungus. After putting them on a Candida-Type Diet, she noticed "dramatic" results. She also had clients use topical Tea Tree Oil and Pau d'arco "as a soak for the toes." See the following website: http://www.herbsvt.com/toenail_fungus_diet.html

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

After I started my crusade to get rid of Toenail Fungus, I found out that my dad's toenail fungus had cleared up while he was on Chelation Therapy (with Hydrogen Peroxide). Chelation Therapy is a type of intravaneous therapy which is only performed by highly trained medical personnel (usually MD's). We reasoned that the extra Oxygen in the Hydrogen Peroxide probably was toxic to the fungus, and this suggested that Hydrogen Peroxide placed topically directly on and under the toenail may eliminate the fungus (please treat Hydrogen Peroxide with respect, as it is toxic if ingested. Note that the amounts used in Chelation Therapy are extremely dilute.). Hydrogen Peroxide placed directly on the toenail may be even more effective than Chelation Therapy, as the concentration is much greater in store-bought Hydrogen Peroxide (about 3%).

If this turns out to be effective, it is one of the cheapest Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus, since a 16 oz. Bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide costs less than $1.00 at Wal-Mart.

Chelation Therapy

Even though Chelation Therapy is done by M.D.'s, and it cannot really be considered a Home Remedy, I am mentioning it here because it is considered a form of Alternative treatment that is frowned upon by the mainstream medical practitioners. It is known to help clear up clogged arteries, rid the body of heavy metal poisoning, and help patients avoid costly open-heart surgery (for more information on this, read Elmer Cranton, M.D.'s book Bypassing Bypass Surgery: Chelation Therapy).

If it is true that Chelation kills off Toenail Fungus, this would be an important discovery. I want to see if any other readers have received this side-benefit from chelation therapy.

For More Possible RemediesClick Here

and even MORE testimonials here!

Thank you. I hope this information has helped you.

George Stancliffe, author of Speed Reading 4 Kids

"Thanks for the site dedicated to toenail fungus. It came up first on Google.
We're going to give the remedies a try; we always prefer holistic/homeopathic to antibiotics.  

"Also, I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was 9 and couldn't read. With help from a dedicated speed-reading professional (my teacher, Mrs. Williams), I overcame my disability to become an excellent reader. In fact, I read three times as fast as my wife, who was always in the top of her class."



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