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Do You Want a FREE Copy of SPEED READING 4 KIDS?

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From December 1st until December 31, 2012 ONLY!!

SPEED READING 4 KIDS is offering a one-of-a-kind Promotion.   We’ve been on the web since 1999, and we have never offered FREE books before.

If you will create and post an active link on your website, which links to the SPEED READING 4 KIDS website, I will send to you a FREE copy of  Speed Reading 4 Kids (in PDF format).  This is a $57 value.

This is our way of saying thanks to our clients who are willing to promote speed reading by linking to us from their blog, their website, or from a website where they have permission to post an active link.

I came up with this idea when I was thinking of hiring a company to create links out there on the internet for us, as part of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program that we are undergoing.  Suddenly,  I thought “WAIT A MINUTE!  Why am I paying some stranger to do this, when I could pay my customers with my valuable book for doing what would cost me anyway--one way or another?!” 

It seems to make sense to me.   It’ll cost me either way.   But this way, someone who CARES about speed reading will get the direct benefit.  And maybe you will tell your friends about us as well!


Q.  Can I Earn More Than One Copy of SR4K?”

A.  Yes, you can.  Just post two or more active links to Speed Reading 4 Kids.   Each link must be on a different web address (not a different page of the same web address).


Q.  Can I Tell My Friends So They Can Get One Too?

A.   Absolutely.  I’m ready to give out up to 1,000 FREE copies of Speed Reading 4 Kids before January 1st , if you are willing to post the links.



1.  Post a live link to your website

2.  Make sure it is a follow-through link (meaning that the search engines will follow through the link to see where it leads.  Most live links are follow-through.  Some websites don't allow follow-through (for example, Wikipedia has blocked all follow-through by the search engine spiders, because this discourages spammers and porn operators from posting to Wikipedia).

3.  Email me (George@SpeedReading4Kids.com) to let me know (and inspect) the new link to the Speed Reading 4 Kids website.      [Please put "Speed Reading" somewhere in the subject line, as this is how I filter out the thousands of spam emails--otherwise your email may get lost.]

4.  After passing inspection, I will email you a PDF version of SR4K (a $57 value) free of charge.

5.  If you want the BONUS DVD, please send me $6.50 through PayPal.com (George@SpeedReading4Kids.com), and I'll send out your DVD.  (The DVD is optional.  It shows me teaching 5 children [ages 7 to 16] to speed read.  By the end of the lesson, everyone has doubled or tripled their reading speed with good comprehension.  The fastest kid [a 7-year old girl] was able to read over 2,000 words per minute [by comparison, most high school graduates read about 200 words per minute].

6.  Tell your friends.  The time is limited, so have your friends get their link done and emailed to me by midnight, on  Dec 31, 2012.

7.  Limit of one link per domain address [ie.  www.anydomainaddress.com].  Linking to several pages within a single website will not net you more Speed Reading 4 Kids books.

8.  The link can be a text link or a photo link, as long as it links through to my website.


Must I Link to Your Main (Index) Page?

NO.  You can link to any one of the following pages on the Speed Reading 4 Kids website:

http://www.speedreading4kids.com                                     Main (Index) page

http://www.speedreading4kids.com/dyslexia.html             Dyslexia page

http://www.speedreading4kids.com/adhd.html                   ADD/ADHD page

http://www.speedreading4kids.com/speedreading.html    "What is speed reading?" page

http://www.speedreading4kids.com/aboutus.html             "About us" page (has video of girl speed reading on the Johnny Carson Show)

http://www.speedreading4kids.com/testimonials.html       Testimonials page with Videos

http://www.speedreading4kids.com/research.html            Research project by a homeschool mom

http://www.speedreading4kids.com/aphasia.html              Aphasia page

http://www.speedreading4kids.com/speedspelling.html    Speed Spelling page

http://www.speedreading4kids.com/lecturaveloz.html      Lectura Veloz (Spanish)

http://www.speedreading4kids.com/schnelllesen.html      Schnell Lesen (German)


What Else?


1.  If you get me a bona fide follow-through link on a site with an .edu  domain address, I'll gladly send you a Hard Copy of Speed Reading 4 KidsBut I'll need you to send me $10 (to cover for the shipping, plus the Bonus DVD).     [If you are outside the USA and CANADA, you will need to send me $20 to cover for the shipping & the Bonus DVD.]



1.  No spam links.  You know, one of those pages that is really a link farm, or a page of irrelevant comments solely to get an off-topic link, etc...

2.  No links on Porn sites, or other types of "not-so-family-friendly" sites.

3.  I don't do "link exchange."  This could hurt my rankings in the search engines.  This is why I am offering a valuable $57 PDF Teacher's manual in exchange for your link.

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