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12 Good Reasons

A Dozen Good Reasons to

Teach your Children

to Speed Read—

Before a Collapse Hits

By George Stancliffe

The world is going to hell in a handbasket.   Most of us agree on that.

Homeschool parents are being punished as criminals in some countries, people are starving in Greece because of the government debts, violence in the Mideast is worse than before, the United States and Britain (the two cradles of liberty) are now 1984-style surveillance states.  GMO food is sold everywhere, but is never labeled as GMO.   Home remedies are banned, and toxic pharmaceuticals are legalized and pushed on us.  There doesn’t seem to be a safe place on the planet.

So, what are you doing about it?  How are you going to protect yourself and your family?  Do you have a long-term plan?  What about your children?

Are you doing anything to prepare your children to help lead us out of the next Dark Age before it can cement itself into place around us?

Certainly faith in God will be necessary, along with the basic skills of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.   Also imperative will be some essential survival skills. In anticipation of the upcoming hard times, many people are getting themselves prepared for a long period of uncertainty: extra food, first aid supplies, clothing, etc. 

Think self-reliance.

If you have children or grandchildren, you really should do some thinking about their future educational needs.  When civilization takes a major hit, all the fluff will vanish right out of our education systems and institutions overnight.  In fact, the real concern at that point will be survival itself--for ourselves and our families.  Everything else will take a back seat.

However, SOME educational skills will be imperative.  Especially if they can relate to immediate survival, or long-term survival.

I’ve done some thinking about this, and I believe that there is one overlooked educational skill that will be a godsend to those of our children who possess it during the coming bad years: Speed Reading.

Speed reading is the ability to see and understand several words at a time, instead of one-word-at-a-time the way they teach you in first grade.  It’s really the next step up in the progression of reading.  There are actually two different ways to speed read.  (Speed reading starts at about 450 words per minute, up to over 10,000 wpm).   Unfortunately, our current school system doesn’t bother to introduce either skill to children.

However, this weakness of the school system doesn’t have to become your child’s weakness, especially in our rapidly deteriorating world.  In fact, the necessity of raising good children who are also good speed readers has never been greater.  Following are TWELVE reasons why you should seriously consider teaching your children to speed read now, before things get even worse:

1. Not as many reading materials will be available during the upcoming bad times.   That means more people for each book available.  So, what few useful books may then be available will need to be shared between many more people.  That means that those who read these books will need to get their study done in less time per book.   That way, others can have the opportunity to read them as well.

2. Study time will be greatly restricted.   Make the most of it.   When you are in survival mode, almost all of your time will be spent on SURVIVAL.  This may be compounded by the fact that electricity may not even be available, so that any reading may be impossible at night.  You will need to maximize the usefulness of the very little time left that you will have for reading.

3. What few books are available, on occasions, may not be available for much time, or opportunities may be so rare that a book (or books) must be shared among many people in a very short time—which means you may not have much time to read, understand and digest it.

4. Being able to read an entire book in 10 or 15 minutes (out of view of others, of course) could help minimize your exposure to danger.  For example, if the NWO or other tyrannical system ends up in control in the area where you live, key books (like the Bible) could end up being banned.   (Christians are already marginalized. In circumstances like this, it could be advantageous for you to keep a low profile about your speed reading skill).  The less time an important-but-banned book is in your hands, the smaller your chances of being caught red-handed by any future secret police.  This is not a groundless speculation.  Human history is filled with examples of great books being banned.  The Bible is only the most famous example.  Even 35 years ago a Russian refugee that I know would have been subjected to a 25-year prison sentence if she had been caught with her copy of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago!

5. Your kids [not you] are most likely the ones who will become the most proficient at this.  Just like foreign languages, children pick up on speed reading quickly and easily.  (Also, children aren't as steeped in the bad habits of slow reading, regression, vocalization, etc. that most of us adults are).  Kids often catch on to the basic speed reading skill within a week or two--and they can maintain an amazing fluency if they discipline themselves to utilize the skill for at least 15 minutes per day over a period of several months. 

Curiously, you don’t first need to be a speed reader in order to teach your children this skill.  Just give them the appropriate assignments and they’ll start developing the skill naturally.  In fact, I personally know some people who learned this skill by accident when they were children.

6. We are going to wade through some serious difficulties in the next few years, but at the same time, we’ll need some great leaders who are rooted in the great classic books of all time (including the scriptures), and who are capable of sorting through what’s available in order to recognize key information and ideas when they arise.  This will require the ability to read many books, beginning now.  People who start taking the time--NOW--to read as many of the great classics of western civilization during the time that we have left will have an advantage over those who get a later start.   Then when the hammer hits, they will have that much more of an advantage than they would have had if they hadn't read as much.

7. Perhaps your child is gifted, and you don’t know it.  Contrary to what you might expect, those who become the best speed readers are many children who come from the ranks of the so-called Learning Disabled!!   It’s almost universally true that those who have Attention Deficit Disorder (both ADD and ADHD), as well as those who have Dyslexia, do extremely well at speed reading.  Many of these children also have photographic memories.  These children are truly our brightest and best.   Historically, many of our greatest leaders have come from this group.  In my opinion, it may be more than coincidence that the same system that dumbs down our schools is also making such an effort to drug these same children with brain-damaging anti-depressants.

8. The next depression/earthquake/pandemic/war/catastrophe etc. may be the “big one” that sends society backwards a generation or two.  Don’t put off teaching your children to speed read (or teaching yourself!) until you are living in a tent on a hillside and starving in a blizzard.   Make a goal to have the speed reading skill internalized and perfected before the crisis hits.  That way, whenever the need arises to use the skill to your benefit, it will already be there.  And everything that you learn will stay with you forever.  The relaxed, easy time to learn speed reading is now, not when you are living under difficult survival conditions.

9. Just because civilization has been shot out from under us doesn’t mean educational opportunities are non-existent--they’ll just be different.  By having an extra set of skills that are fundamental and rare, you will have a disproportionate ability to serve your family or group in many unpredictable ways during survival times.

10. Some of the world’s top leaders in the past were already speed readers.   In a process that is not well understood, some children (in my own opinion about 0.1% to 1% of children) are already speed readers.  Nobody taught them how to read fast, they just somehow accidentally learned how to do it when they were young children.  I’ve personally known several such individuals who could read up to 3,000 or 4,000 words per minute with near perfect comprehension.   Most of these people are unaware that they are reading any differently than anyone else until I point it out to them.   Some famous people of the past who were likely speed readers:   Oliver Wendell Holmes, Theodore Roosevelt, John Stuart Mill, Thomas Jefferson.

11. Public schools and institutions will never adopt speed reading into the curriculum, so don't wait for anyone else to do the job, unless you're willing to take charge of it.   Any school system, especially the public schools, are stuck on the status quo system where everything is predictable and runs smoothly.  Most teachers tend to use the same predictable system year after year and don't want to "rock the boat."

However, one 3rd grade teacher that I know taught her entire class of 20 students to speed read.  After a couple of weeks, the teacher noticed that whenever she gave the students a reading assignment, they were all quickly done.  Whenever she gave them a math assignment, they were also quickly done.  Same thing for other subjects--done, done, done. She told me that speed reading helped her students in all subject areas except PE.  This created the situation where the teacher had to make up extra assignments and activities for the children to do, in order to keep them all busy.

It's true that this particular class of 3rd graders achieved the best-ever scores on the end-of-year standardized tests that this teacher had ever had, but it also created an extra workload for the teacher to keep up with a classroom of students who were always done with their assignments.

Do you know what she did the next year?  She didn't teach speed reading--too much extra work.

Of course there are a few maverick teachers who are the exception to the rule, and will introduce their students to speed reading.  But don't think that the administration will automatically be supportive.  Once all the students in one classroom finish all their textbooks halfway through the year, who will provide the funds to get more textbooks for the remainder of the year?  Do you think the school board will approve this deviation from the "approved plan?" And how do you think the next year's school teacher will react when he finds out that his whole new class already knows everything that he intended to teach them for the entire school year?  Now HE will have to redesign HIS whole curriculum, too, and he'll be upset.  It quickly becomes obvious that speed reading could really become a political hot potato in no time flat, regardless of how well it works.

12. Speed reading isn’t only about reading.   It’s also about using the other side of the brain that usually isn’t used during formal schooling.   Most formal schooling uses the Left-brain.  Speed reading utilizes the Right-brain.  By exercising a larger part of the brain, those with this skill may be capable of learning, discovering, and contributing more.  In fact, over 40 years ago Dr. Vearl G. McBride Ph.D. discovered many different educational possibilities utilizing speed reading as a foundational support.  Second grade students could add three or more two-digit numbers in their heads instantly. Fourth graders could learn up to 600 new spelling words in a week.  Blind people could read up to 4,000 words per minute in Braille!   The possibilities are staggering.

It’s sad that the world as we know it is going to pot.  But perhaps there’s a silver lining to this as well.  With the old entrenched (and corrupt) educational ideas and institutions swept away and tossed into the garbage bin of history, perhaps our children can become the leading edge, paving the way to a better world, and a much more productive, unlimited, decentralized and free educational system.


Permission is freely given to quote or post this article, as long as full credit is given.  George Stancliffe has taught thousands of children to speed read since 1997, and is the author of Speed Reading 4 Kids, a manual for teaching children how to speed read--even if you don't know how to speed read yourself. His website is www.speedreading4kids.com . He can be contacted at georgestancliffe["at"]hotmail["dot"]com .

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