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"I thought that learning to speedread was a lot of fun. I can
now read about 10-15 thousand words a minute."
--17 year old high school student diagnosed with ADHD,
Kennewick, WA


"New Speed Reading Video Available to Demonstrate Method!"

"Designed for Children--Very Easy to Teach!"

"Does Not Require Written Homework!"

"Includes a Scripted Lesson Plan!"

"Have a question?  Call me"

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"Why is the main focus to teach it to CHILDREN?"

Dear friend,
When I meet people around town they often tell me they saw me teaching speed reading on TV or they say "I remember you, you're the one that taught me [or my sister] to speed read." But most of you haven't had the chance to get to know me or see what I do, so I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself.

In 1980 I became convinced that speed reading could become a universal skill for all children if it were just made available in the right way to the general public. At that time the only speed reading courses available were those which cost hundreds of dollars per student. Also, these same courses were directed at adults (mostly college students and business owners).

I assumed that speed reading companies would eventually just automatically see the necessity of focusing on the children in order to make speed reading become a universal
skill for everyone
. But by 1996, it became obvious that the
speed reading industry wasn't changing. So I decided to
take matters into my own hands.

In January, 1997, I launched the American Speed Reading
to accomplish what nobody else was willing to do--Develop
a SIMPLE method for teaching speed reading to children, and
make it widely AVAILABLE to everybody at a very low cost.

I was looking for a new method that was different from any other method in use, so that I could eventually make speed reading a universal skill for all people, both children and adults (but especially children).

I've learned much since then. With the help of many students and friends, we've developed a systematic method for teaching speed reading that works with children, teens and adults. This method is so simple that anyone can teach speed reading to children--even if the teacher can't speed read himself!!

You really can. I've personally known non-speed readers who have done just that. And it's pretty easy, too (Just follow the step-by-step instructions).

"It's really great for people who love to read and want to get
through books fast....Speed reading will be really useful in
college and further in my life. I loved it!"--J.H., Washington

At first, I tested my new methods out on adults. They were overloaded with reading or didn't have enough time to get much study done. And I was able to get almost all the adults to at least double or triple their reading speed and maintain or increase comprehension.  


But it didn't take me long to discover that children catch on to speed reading much easier and better than anybody ever expected. By September, 1997, a local school teacher invited me to teach speed reading to the kids [all aged 8-11] in one of his classes to see how well they would do.

They did so well that my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

On the second day of a 4-week experiment, one 9-year old girl could read 41 pages (of a book that I had brought) in 30 seconds, and she could tell me all about what had happened in the book. At first I thought I was in the presence of one of the world's few super-geniuses. But, the next day, when 5 more kids could do just as well, I realized that I had stumbled onto a normal, and natural phenomenon: Children can be natural, gifted speed readers, if they are just shown how, and if they are allowed to use the skill on a regular basis until it becomes second nature.

By the end of 4 weeks, the only kid in the class [of 18 children] who couldn't read at least 1,300 words per minute was the rowdy one who wouldn't cooperate anyway.

I realized even then, that if I wanted speed reading to become a universal skill, then I couldn't always be the guru to teach every class out there. The secret that I was looking for was to create a simple method. One that was so simple, that it would allow any parent, any teacher, any grandma (or even any "dummy") to teach children to speed read.


In answer to all these needs, I finally came up with the Speed Reading 4 Kids manual, now in its 4th Edition.


I also had to re-educate people a little bit. For example, most people think that speed readers only know how to speed read (As if they would forget how to read slowly whenever they want to). I still read slowly sometimes. Like when I read the scriptures, letters from Mom, or poetry.

I can't imagine reading any Dr. Seuss book fast. Ninety percent of the fun of his books is in hearing the rhymes.

On the other hand, I can't imagine reading Sports Illustrated slowly. Or the newspaper. I don't have time to read the paper slowly. I also have a list of great books I would like to read and understand before I die. And the list keeps getting bigger and bigger. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. As the saying goes, "The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get." If anything, my ability to speed read has given me a greater desire to keep learning everything I can in this life.  


Since I started this project, one of the greatest surprises that I've had, was the fact that some "Learning Disabled" children (teens and adults, too) have a superior natural talent towards speed reading, (even while these same students still have difficulty reading slowly). Like Mark, a 17 year old student whom I taught at the local skills center. Mark is diagnosed with ADHD. Within 2 hours, he was reading with complete understanding at 14,000 words per minute (that's equivalent to a Hardy Boys book in 2.5 minutes). That was 3 or 4 months ago. His teacher recently informed me that Mark still reads just as fast. And lately he has been trying to teach his friends how to speed read, too.

Mark doesn't have to struggle with his reading any more.  


Here is what some of my readers and students have had to say:

"I received the packet in the mail this week.... I have
started the program with my children and it is going well.
My 10 year old has really picked it up. She is currently
reading about 4000-5000 words per minute with 50-75%
comprehension. This is after just one week."
--C.B., Arizona

"I was able to read about 1600 words per minute with
reasonable understanding." --M.W., Singapore

"....By the end of the class we had FOUR students reading
between the speeds of 1500 and 5000 wpm. Their comprehension
level (we tested) was between 75 and 100 percent; those
that had the faster reading speeds had the better comprehension
scores. The remainder of the class either doubled or tripled
their reading speed and everyone increased in their comprehension.
Thank you for your help and encouragement,"
--Troy Henke, school teacher, Arizona

"Dear George! I bought your Speed Reading 4 Kids program
and I am very satisfied with it. I am teaching kids in the
Hungarian language to speed read." --J.P., Hungary


Independent research is also demonstrating the value of Speed Reading 4 Kids.

The SPEED READING 4 KIDS manual contains more than just lesson plans and instructions for teaching kids (or adults) to EXPLODE their reading speed. You will get these 5 BONUSES:
1) Instructions on setting the proper mood for MAXIMUM RESULTS when teaching this skill to children (and/or adults)[Chapter 4]
2)  Alternate lesson plans in case you also want to teach ADULTS or MIXED GROUPS to speed read (instead of only children)[Chapters 7-9].
3)  Instructions for utilizing speed reading techniques as a springboard for even greater learning in other areas of school curricula, and for therapeutic purposes. [Chapters 13-14]  ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER SPEED READING COMPANY WILL SHARE THESE TOP-SECRETS WITH YOU!
4)  A stand-alone Scripted Lesson Plan for School Teachers, or those who want to conduct Speed Reading Workshops or Seminars for the public.  All you do is follow the script and your workshop attendees will learn to speed read--GUARANTEED! [Appendix] This is another exclusive that you will never see anywhere else!
5)  A list of over 200 of the greatest and most important classic books ever written. This "GREAT BOOKS LIST" was compiled by George Wythe College and has 3 separate book lists: Children, Teen and Adult.  As long as you're going to be getting more reading done, you might as well search out the best books.[Chapter 12]

SPEED READING 4 KIDS is the MOST COMPLETE AUTHORITY ever published for teaching children to speed read.

Sincerely,   George Stancliffe

CLICK HERE to see some of this research.


Another issue that we've had to deal with is the typical prices of most speed reading courses.

The cost of many speed reading courses is prohibitive. One course that I was invited to recently cost over $700 per person. Who can afford that? How many parents will send their kids? As necessary as this skill is in the computer age, our children's future looks like it's being held hostage for money. I am a parent of young children and I understand that it's not easy coming up with a few bucks to pay for swimming lessons. So speed reading lessons had better be affordable, too.

For the 3rd grade teacher who taught her 20 students to speed read, the cost of her manual (picked up by the school) was less than $3.00 per student. One homeschool mom excitedly told me that she taught all six of her children to speed read using the Speed Reading 4 Kids methods. Other teachers are doing extracurricular classes after school and having each of the enrolled students chip in $3 or so to defray the cost of the manual. Now that's an approach a thrifty guy like me can appreciate.

How does that compare with $700 per student?  


Even though the main focus of The American Speed Reading Project is to teach children, I have used this method successfully on teens and adults as well. I have also succeeded with students who have  ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, among other things. It is simple. It is still guaranteed, no matter who you choose to teach using Speed Reading 4 Kids.


One thing that I've always appreciated is when people are willing to talk to you when you have questions or problems. Invariably, when I'm working on a project, I run into a question or problem that isn't covered by the instruction book. It's nice to have a phone number or email address to resort to in case of need (see below for mine). I have been able to take care of this part of the work personally, so far, and I will continue as long as I am able to do so.

"Thank you so much for your no-hassle refund policy! It means a lot
to me that there are still people out there who stand behind their word.
I will keep your company in mind in the future and also for referrals."
--L.F., Illinois


One of the biggest fears that some people have is "What if it doesn't work for me?" That's understandable, especially for people who have spent a lifetime as poor readers and been made to believe that they couldn't do it. So I've always honored the following guarantee: "If you don't like it, send it back and I'll refund the purchase price of the manual." No questions asked. You see, if it didn't work for me, I wouldn't want it either. I just want you to give it a chance to see for yourself that it will work for you. Incidentally, my very fastest student, ever, was a 12 year-old girl who had been a C and D student before she took the course.


Your results will vary, of course, but in my experience, as soon as you begin to implement the suggestions in Chapter 5, you will begin to notice serious improvement within 30 minutes. After a few days you will see almost all the kids at least double or triple their reading speed. Many of these same kids will attain reading rates of over 2,000 words per minute with good comprehension (by comparison, most high school graduates average about 200 wpm). You may even get a few who can read over 10,000 wpm with incredibly good recall.

"I recently purchased your curriculum "Speed Reading 4 Kids" and
began teaching it to my family. My wife and my ten-year-old son
are catching on pretty well. After four weeks they are reading
around 6,000 wpm.... Also, thanks so much for making speed reading
accessible to kids. Your work is very impressive"
D.R.K., Idaho

"And I'm now using it with my 7-year-old. I'm looking to start
teaching a group of kids in the area.... My son is doing well
with the course so far, although I've only had one lesson with
him... On the first day, he got up to about 2500 words with
some comprehension. He normally reads 185 word per minute."
--V., New York


I hope you know by now that I'm excited about Speed Reading 4 Kids and what it will do for your children. It is well worth the $87.00 investment in your child's future to order the printed manual (with the FREE Confidential Online Video link). If you prefer, you can order the downloadable PDF version of the manual instead for only $65.00, which allows you to receive the manual electronically right now, over the internet (you can print off a copy from your computer as soon as you download it). The contents of both versions are exactly identical. Some people just prefer a printed copy.

You can pay by check, money order or by credit card (through PayPal). See the Order Page right now for more information.

LIMITED TIME BONUS OFFER---UNLIMITED ACCESS TO MY 90 MINUTE PRIVATE ONLINE VIDEO, FREE (Which you can watch as many times as you want, so that you can perfect your techniques!) with purchase of Speed Reading 4 Kids manual!

I believe that learning to teach speed reading to children is easier for many people if they have an opportunity to watch it in action for themselves. For this reason, I recently gathered together five children of various ages who wanted to learn to speed read. We sat down together in the studio of a local TV station and recorded a 90-minute speed reading class.

It was UNREHEARSED and UNSCRIPTED, with a "Candid-Camera-type" realness.

The class consisted of children aged 7,8,9,12, and 16. By the end of the 90 minutes, 4 out of the 5 children could read over 2,000 words per minute. The two youngest (both second graders) were the fastest at about 10,000 words per minute.

The cameraman for the TV station (himself severely Dyslexic) was so impressed by the class that he taught himself to speed read just by imitating what he saw in the video. He now reads over 1500 words per minute.

For a limited time, EVERYONE who purchases Speed Reading 4 Kids will receive a Confidential Online Video link--FREE OF CHARGE! (a $20 value) This video link is not available through any search engine or any other company. It is the 90-minute Speed Reading 4 Kids TV studio recording mentioned above.

We are not making any profits on this BONUS Confidential Video link. We do not sell or provide this Private Video link separately. It is only available with the purchase of Speed Reading 4 Kids.

This BONUS Confidential Video link OFFER is only available for a limited time.

Thank you,






--George Stancliffe

NEW--Speed Reading 4 Kids is now available in Arabic and German, and will soon be available in Spanish. Please Please CLICK HERE on this link to order Speed Reading 4 Kids in other languages (German and Arabic).


FINAL NOTE: Even though Speed Reading 4 Kids contains everything that you need to know (in order to succeed in teaching your children/students to speed read). I know that some people will still prefer to have another person do the teaching, and give the speed reading lessons.

If this describes your situation, I have good news for you:

WE ARE NOW AVAILABLE for teaching/tutoring live classes/sessions online. You can be personally tutored to speed read anywhere in the world! This teaching is for limited numbers of students online via SKYPE.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more!


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